Kosovo Memory Book 1998-2000

The Kosovo Memory Book is a monument to the victims of war crimes (civilians, the wounded and prisoners of war), persons killed in  battle (soldiers) and those who were forcibly disappeared  in Kosovo in the period January 1 1998 – December 2000 during the armed conflict between the Serbian police and the Yugoslav Army on the one hand, and the Kosovo Liberation Army on the other. This monument is alive yet indestructible. It calls everyone to pause in front of it, to read each name and  find out who these people were and how they died. It urges people to remember people. In time, when the data  on the fate of those who are still missing are finally obtained, with  information about secret mass graves and new evidence of  crimes and victims, the Kosovo Memory Book  will have become the most reliable witness to our recent past.

The researchers and historians of the war crimes were given factual material from several independent sources, which they could check by names, locations and events. For the first time in the history of the Balkans,  figures are replaced with names. This will prevent manipulation, minimization or exaggeration. Each story in the book corresponds to the life of the person it refers to.